Eventyr – YES!

Eventyr – YES!


That’s right it’s finally here and I’m so excited.  I’ve been working with the Eventyr crew for a while now as they have been creating this ridiculously amazing tool for finding your own adventures!  Here’s the scenario: You’re travelling in an amazing new city, say Minneapolis;) and you really want to get outside and do something active and fun. For the sake of example we’ll say you’re looking to go stand up paddleboarding. (Such a great idea.)   You’re not looking for a river cruise or a Segway tour…you want an adventure! Easy peasy, just click here EVENTYR and you are on your way!

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If you’re a word geek and are curious what Eventyr even means see below:

Here’s a brief synopsis…

Norwegian Nynorsk:

EtymologyFrom late Old Norse æfintýr, from Middle Low German eventü̂r, from Middle French adventure (aventure).

Nouneventyr n (definite singular eventyret, indefinite plural eventyr, definite plural eventyra)

  1. an adventure
  2. fairy tale (a folktale)
  3. something exceptionally great