Northwest Sports Show at Minneapolis Convention Center

The Northwest Sports Show – Minneapolis

I’m an introvert but I’m about to embark on setting up our booth for the Northwest Sports Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  With the ice off the lakes, now is the time to start thinking about your summer plans.  So come out and see us at the show.  We are offering fantastic pricing on our post-season models and if you buy a board at the show, new or post-season, you get a free Accent Carbon Fiber paddle!!

We are really excited about a couple of things this year.  The first is the Pau Hana Ricochet.  There are many reasons to love this board but these are my two favorites: The first reason is that the Ricochet is a BigEZ which means its a high volume board (a good board if you have riders of different sizes 30lbs-250lbs) which is hard to come by.  There are a lot of boards on the market but not many who can boast the ability to hold the bigger riders.  The second reason is that it’s SO durable.  I have two kids and they can destroy almost anything…but not the Ricochet.  The new Impact Resistant Technology is fantastic.  This is a must have for your lake cabin, resort owners who don’t want to replace a board every year, and camps looking for a board for all their campers, big and small!

The second thing I’m excited about this season is the 2016 Red Paddle Co lineup.  If you know me at all you know I’m obsessed with Red’s boards.  They are, hands down, the best inflatable stand up paddleboards (iSUP) on the market. That said, this year they are even BETTER! I know, it hardly seems possible.  Red managed to increase the board stiffness while simultaneously making the boards much lighter.  You could call it “magic.”  I just call it “typical Red.” I like their new promotional video.  Check it out.  Red 2016