Pau Hana Big EZ


BambooI’d love to introduce you to my favorite board.  This is the Pau Hana Big EZ.  There are a couple of reasons I’m introducing you.  The first is that she is an strikingly beautiful board (unless your boards are men- then he is fiercely handsome).  The second reason is that the Big EZ is the perfect board for all of you cabin-dwelling, resort-owning, camp-enhancing, outdoorsy family, types.

Boards come in a lot of different shapes and sizes but the Big EZ is great because it works for almost everyone.  At the beginner level it will easily hold 250lbs but can top out at closer to 300lbs.  This means almost anyone can get on the board and have a first great run.  It also means it can carry all three of my nieces and their juice boxes while they toodle around the lake together.

Come try one out.  Just give us a call 612-206-1469 and we’ll get you on the water.

This board also comes in Dark Red, Yellow, Teal, Seafoam Green, and White with a black stripe.