2019 Red Paddle Co 12’6″ Voyager


Explore your world with the Red Paddle Co Voyager

.  The 12’6″ can take you almost anywhere you want to go.  Load it up with gear.  Throw a kid (or two) on it with you and get outside!  It’s time to paddle.




Max Rider Weight: Up to 330lbs


Get your very own 12’6″ Voyager.  Explore Your World

Boundary Waters Of Minnestoa

The 12’6″ Voyager boasts carrying capacity as well as a super-stiff and stable ride offering taller and larger paddlers an optimal paddling experience.  The Voyager is perfect for longer outings where you may encounter a wide range of conditions. Reds exclusive MSL Fusion technology allows you to explore with confidence so any adventure you can dream up is a possibility.

The 12’6″ Voyager is a longer board than most recreations boards and easily handles a child on the front while you paddle. If you’re going it alone this board features a six-point cargo tie-down system in front and four-point cargo tie down system in back.  Now you can bring all your gear with you with ease.

Multiple carry handles ensures obstacles are no problem no matter how much gear you have on board. Plus the Red Paddle Co logo embroidered handles are cushy under foot and reduce the amount of plastics used in the manufacturing process. Yeah Earth!!

All Voyager boards feature RSS battens for increased stiffness and glide when loaded with gear. The FCS fin boasts superb tracking and easy assembly.  The fin slots into the fin box easily by hand so no extra tools are needed.

Red’s diamond cut deck pad features the Red logo and offers superior grip while paddling.

Your board comes with Red’s ridiculously cool Titan Pump. This pump gets your board to optimal paddle inflation in half the time other SUP pumps can.  Plus, once its deflated the Voyager fits nicely inside our All Terrain backpack.  Now you will get to your next idyllic location hassle free.

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