2018 Red Paddle Co 11′ 3″ Sport


We love the Red Paddle Co Sport so much!  It’s fast, fun, agile and just a general hoot to paddle.  This board is designed for a slightly larger rider and we recommend it for riders up to 240 lbs.  Explore your world.

Length: 11′ 3″


Thickness: 4.72″

Max Rider Weight: 242lbs


2018 Red Paddle Co 11’3″ Sport

Adventurers apply here (sporty adventurers preferred)

Red Paddle Co Sport Up North

Who’s it for? Explorer hungry paddlers!

Are you looking for a board that adventures with you?  The Red Paddle Co 2018 11’3” Sport inflatable SUP is a sleek and paddle worthy partner for paddlers seeking a fast and stable board.  It is a step up in speed from the Ride family and as a result is a great choice for serious paddlers looking for a fast board that their friends and family can borrow.   The design daters to paddlers with a little more experience and delivers additional speed and performance.  It’s speed lies in the boards sleek shape which cuts cleanly through the water.  Also, the drawn-out nose section gives it more glide across the water. The Red embossed deck does more than just look look good, it offers additional grip while you paddle so digging in is always an option.

The 11’3″ Sport is the same width as the 10’6″ Ride making it the perfect board in the Sport range for larger riders.  It easily inflates with the industry leading Red Paddle Co Titan pump.  This pump is so awesome it gets you on the water in half the time with half the effort.  I would be remiss not to mention, when your epic paddle is over, the board deflates quickly and is easily transported in our all terrain back pack.

The board comes standard with a durable fin from world leading surfboard fin creators FCS. It slots into the fin box easily by hand and secures in place with a finger bolt.

So get on the water.  What are you waiting for? (Disregard if the lakes are frozen.  In the event this is true waiting is a supremely good idea.)

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