Sometimes you just do something out of the ordinary

So I bought a stand up paddleboard company…


I recently ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time.  He and his totally awesome son surprised me at a paddle demo (see photo).  It was so fun to catch up a little bit and to see a familiar and friendly face.  As you all know, old friends are the best kind of friends.

photo 3


It’s been fun catching up with people lately.  Normally when I see people I haven’t connected with in a while the question always comes up, “What have you been up to lately?”  I used to say, “Nothing too crazy.’  ‘Life’s pretty status quo.’  ‘You know, changing diapers and sleep deprivation. Etc.”  But since March when the question comes up I say,  “So I bought a stand up paddleboard company.”  It’s conversation altering and so much fun to say out loud.

Being a part of Silver Creek Paddle means I get to do amazing things like go to work

photo 4 (2)And this


Wait…I dont’ do that…but sometimes I get to match people’s boards with their cars.

photo 1 (4)But that’s only on really special days.  For the most part when I’m at work I’m just meeting amazing people like you and loving the opportunity to bring people into the outdoors.  Thanks for stopping by.