Pau Hana BigEZ Angler

Minnesota welcomes the BigEZ Angler

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes and home to many accomplished anglers.  When Pau Hana told us we had the option to get a new “fishing” SUP I was curious and extremely excited.  She didn’t disappoint.  

Pau Hana Angler

Photo by Brad Hanzel of and Brad Hanzel Photography

The Pau Hana BigEZ Angler is one of the most functionally impressive and aesthetically breathtaking boards I’ve seen.  It also catches fish;) Landing a catch in the Black Hills, SD

The Angler comes with 23 Sea Mounts allowing you to attach an amazing array of accessories.  Check out some of the options available to you here.  It features a luxurious deck pad over a teak finish and comes in either a 32″ or 36″ width offering the stability you will crave for reeling in your trophy winning catch.  If you want to get really serious there is a model that comes with a silent Wave Jet motor allowing you additional maneuverability and power.  This model was recently featured in Wired Magazine .(On a side note though, the pictures in the article are of the Pau Hana Big EZ Air. Oops!)

Just a few more helpful pieced of information.  The BigEZ Angler 32″ has a max weight limit of around 310lbs understanding that the higher you load a board the more advanced the skills necessary to paddle.  The BigEZ Angler 36′ helps out by offering a max weight of closer to 360lbs.  So remember to factor in gear when you’re considering which width to purchase.

I could wax poetic about this board all day long but I’ll stop now.


Pau Hana Angler

Karen in the Black Hills SD on her new Pau Hana Angler

Karen looks amazing on this board doesn’t she?

Here are some more fabulous pics from the Black Hills.

photo (6)

May I make an observation that another feature of the Angler is that you can strap a cooler behind you to keep your catch fresh or just keep you hydrated and rested for a long day on the water.

photo 3 (4)