SUP Safety for Kiddos

Stand Up Paddleboarding with Kids – SUP Safety 101

This is a little post-season for us in Minnesota but it is never too late to think about SUP safety.  These tips are important for everyone but are super important to keep them in mind especially if you’re thinking about heading out someplace warm this winter with your family.

While stand up paddleboarding is a fantastic outdoor activity that is suitable for the entire family, safety is something that should never be overlooked. Although SUP is generally a safe sport, there are some very important things that parents should do when bringing the kiddos along for a paddle. Our friends over at have put together a fun infographic on SUP safety for kids that we recommend checking out. It includes an easy-to-follow checklist that parents can use to ensure that their children are properly prepared for a day on the water!

With the explosion in popularity of stand up paddleboarding, it’s more important than ever to share the important message of SUP safety with others. By educating parents on paddleboarding safety, we’re also able to impact the next generation of paddlers who are learning these important guidelines at a very early age.

Enjoy the infographic, and happy paddling!

Water Safety for Kids: The Ultimate Checklist for Paddleboarding Parents