A SUP for Urban Dwellers, Apartment living, and Small Houses.


We have a Stand Up Paddleboard for all your Urban Dwellers.

One of the biggest reasons people say they can’t buy a stand up paddleboard is that they have nowhere to store it.  Particularly all of you super trendy urban dwellers who live in those swanky lofts I drool over every time I’m downtown.  So you live in a beautiful place in the hear of it all.  Now there’s a stand up paddleboard for you too!  We have all the gear to make it easy for you to get a sup you’ll love.

Red Paddle Co’s inflatable paddleboards make getting access to our amazing lakes and rivers so easy.  Their boards roll up into a killer backpack that has a full Sherpa carrier system.

Red Paddle Co's durable and user friendly backpacks.

Red Paddle Co at Silver Creek Paddle

It almost goes without saying that their boards are even more amazing than the backpacks you carry them in.  My new favorite this year is the 2017 Red Paddle Co 11’3″ Sport.  It’s a really fast board for an inflatable yet offers a great platform that feels very stable.  An added bonus is that it can be comfortably paddled by a rider up to 230lbs which is a nice jump from their original 11′ Sport.

Red Paddle Co 11’3″ Sport at Silver Creek Paddle

Getting a board is one thing but finding a paddle is another.  Well we’ve got that covered too.  My favorite 3-piece paddles on the market right now are made at our own local Accent/Cannon paddle.  Once you start breaking the paddle apart the pieces can be difficult to fit well which means that a lot of 3-piece paddles feel a little sloppy.  Almost like all the parts forgot they were supposed to be working together.  As it happens, this is not the case with Accent.  My go-to paddles are the Accent Moxie and the Accent Octane.  The LeverLock system allows for fine length adjustment. Its comfortable and contoured Ergo LeverLock grip just feels good.  Plus the carbon shaft delivers the perfect balance of strength, stiffness and paddling ease. Oh, and did I mention?  It’s made right here in Minnesota?

Accent Octane at Silver Creek Paddle

Here at Silver Creek Paddle, our mission is to get you on a SUP you’ll love.  As the Midwest’s largest Red Paddle Co dealer we will make sure you can get what you need so you can get out on the water.  Give us a call @612-206-1469 or contact us.